Q: I want to join the company, how can I do that?
A: Check the ‘Application’ page on the website.

Q: I accidently rammed another driver, and now I damaged my trailer.
A: Accidents happen, so no consequences will be taken against you by Truckers INC.

Q: I want to submit/place the screenshots/video’s I made, where do I do that?
A: Send them to me on Discord for now (AadB), we are busy making an submit button for media.

Q: How do I use Virtual Trucking Manager?
A: Download VTMlive, and make sure you are logged in and connected to our company, then after one, or more jobs, the owner will receive an message that you’ve driven those jobs.

Q: Are drivers allowed to make screenshots?
A: Ofcourse! We would like to ask everyone to mkae screenshots while driving in a convoy.

Q: Does the owner/co-owner have to be online to drive convoy’s?
A: No, if there are enough drivers online, you can start a convoy, but be sure to tell the owner/co-owner or Road Captain so that we are aware a convoy was driven.