Welcome to the news page of Truckers Incorporated..

News from 01/07/2019:

Upcomming activity check:
We will do an activity check to maintain the standards within the community, some people informed me of why they are in-active, and they will not be judged on their inactivity. People who are in-active for no reason, will receive an E-Mail telling them to get active before the next convoi, if you fail to do that we will have to fire you.

New employees:
Please welcome our new employee VAlis. He drove with us yesterday and we instantly fell the need to employ him as everything checked out right

Last but not least, the convoi’s. We haven’t done much convoi’s lately because of the festive days, thats going to change though, we will host an convoi atleast once a week. Other events can be hosted, if you have an idea on what we could do as an new event, or an idea on what routes to drive on the next convoi, please mail us at
News from 02/02/2019:

We are aware that there are not anough convoy’s being driven. We will change that, we will plan a couple of convoy’s in this week.

Road Captain:
We have created a new rank called ‘Road Captain’. This driver will be the leader of the convoy’s incase the owners aren’t around.
We will decide later this week who will be the new Road Captain.