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Who are we:

The Co-Founder/Owner and I started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the 11th of May 2017.
We played for a while and saw all VTC’s drive by in convoy’s and decided we want to either join one or start one ourselves. Thats when Truckers Incorporated started. We noticed that we didn’t meet the requirements to start one, so we just put the ‘Truckers INC.’ next to our name, and that resulted in some people asking if they could join. We accepted them and we’re now at a total number of 6 people. A year went by, and a couple of days ago I noticed that they loosen up the requirements to create a VTC and decided it was time to try and make this community official.


What do we do:

We mostly do jobs together, or alone.
When we plan on doing jobs together we announce it to eachother through Channel 16 (The channel we use withing Discord) or look at the forums at what the planning for today is.

We always try to deliver the good without any damage and in time.
Thats why we are highly respected as a small company by many bussinesses.

What do we expect from our customers:

We expect our customers to give us enough time to make a delivery.
We also expect them to pay for what they’re getting.

What do we expect from our employees:

We expect them to do everything by the book.
We also expect to make deliveries in time and without any damage, if there is any damage fill it in at http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/21674.
We expect that our employees will participate in the events such as Convoy’s.

UPDATE: The Whatsapp link has been temporarily removed, this has been done due to continual spam being posted in the group, if you are a member, please contact one of the admins to get the link.

Thank you for understanding,
AadB, Truckers Incorporated